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WOW! Travel: Small Group Travel For People Who Don’t Like Groups

written by Penny Sadler

Are you curious, thoughtful, mindful of the world and others? Do you travel for the experience more than the destination? Do you thrive on making meaningful connections with others? When you travel, do you hope to leave feeling inspired and invigorated to give something of yourself back to the destination? If any of this resonates with you, you may enjoy traveling with WOW! Travel.


What is WOW! Travel?

Marilyn Murphy, the founder of WOW Travel, loves nothing more than providing a foundation for others to experience a destination in the most authentic way possible: whether by engaging in philanthropic activity, an immersive class or seeing a site in an unusual way. This is her passion. With over thirty-five successful years in corporate travel, Marilyn created the WOW Travel company to fulfill her desire to provide magical travel experiences for small groups. Marilyn defines WOW! Travel as “small group travel for people who don’t like group travel.”


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Who is Marilyn?

After college, Marilyn backpacked around Southeast Asia and India for eight months. The last country she visited was India which became the place she returns to for inspiration. For Marilyn, India was a dream; it was in India, that the seed for what later became WOW! Travel was planted. Marilyn loves to take people places they might not go on their own, places that according to her, “might blow their minds.” She provides a safe avenue for travelers to explore underdeveloped countries and often organizes a trip that includes a philanthropic cause.

What is WOW! Travel?

WOW! Travel may be the small group travel company you’ve been looking for and haven’t heard of until now.

If you’ve read this far but still have some hesitation about traveling in a group, keep reading. I’m going to address some of the most common concerns people have about group travel.


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  1. Not having enough free time.

Every trip is carefully planned to allow for personal time. You never have to do anything you don’t want to. But, based on the reviews I read, you’ll want to be there for the surprises that Marilyn plans for every single trip.

  1. Negative people in the group

Marilyn or her partner, Gabriel, carefully vet each person in the group.  Most people that travel with them are past customers or referrals from past customers. Grumpy, close-minded people need not apply. And, political discussions should be left at home.

  1. Fear of being sheltered from the local environment

There’s no way this is going to happen with WOW. Immersion in the local environment is a foundation of any WOW trip. Also, did you know that traveling with a small local tour group is one way to travel greenerThere are no big tour busses — Because your group will never be larger than 16 people. No big buses required.

You don’t have to worry about any of these things with WOW!

What I like about WOW Travel is that Marilyn vets each and every person before they book their trip. She explains it’s like putting together a dinner party of like-minded people and emphasizes, no discussions about politics are allowed. Smart!

This is group travel for people who don’t like groups.

WOW Travel doesn’t have multiple trips going on at the same time. Why not? Because, either Marilyn or her partner Gabriel, accompany the group;  they never pass you off to contractors. This is the special personal touch WOW brings that no other tour company can offer. Not only is a small group and personalized experience guaranteed, you’re also guaranteed never to be abandoned to mass tourism or mediocrity. Just read some of the reviews – WOW travelers return again and again for the magic that only Marilyn and Gabriel bring to the adventure.

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Six trips per year is usually the maximum for this group. If you want to join one of their tours, start planning now. Begin by joining their community. You’ll never be spammed, and it’s free. You will receive travel tips and advice as well as information relevant to upcoming trips and that’s it. Currently, it’s called the Wow Travel Club, but really, it’s a community. So don’t be afraid to add your name to the list. You won’t be hit with any hidden fee.

Where does WOW Travel go?

Due to her early travel experiences, Marilyn loves exotic destinations and developing countries. India of course, is her favorite, but Wow! Trips also include Antarctica, Baja, Peru, Myanmar, Kenya, Cuba, Ecuador, and the Galapagos to name a few. That said, WOW! usually offers one trip to Europe or some other more well-traveled destination each year. This year it is Puglia, Italy. Though not exactly off the beaten path, you can be sure that Marilyn has orchestrated some behind the scenes magic to ensure the experience is first class and filled with WOW moments.


small group travel riding camels in the Sahara desert

photo courtesy of WOW!

Here’s what one happy traveler to Puglia had to say about her WoW! Experience…

“You showed us the best of southern Italy: ancient olive orchards and vineyards, amazing Trulli houses and cave dwellings, the uncrowded streets of Lecce … all a big ‘wow’! Making orecchiete with Mama Julia in her farmhouse kitchen and harvesting olives which were then pressed and bottled just for us – unforgettable!”

Read more reviews from super happy Wow! Travelers

So if WOW is so great, why am I writing this article to entice you to consider traveling with them and at the least, join their community?  The answer to that is, like any small, boutique company,  WOW! wants and needs, fresh customers. The same group of people cannot populate their trips year, after year. WOW! has been in business for ten years. Change is good.  And frankly, isn’t variety the spice of life?


You’ve nothing to lose and just might find a community of like-minded people who you’ll love traveling with. Come on over and get to know WOW! Travel, today.

This is a sponsored post however, all opinions are my own. 

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Thea Temple May 17, 2019 at 10:38 pm

Looks wonderful! Perfect timing for my life, entering those golden years. Thanks for the post.

Jessie Voigts May 17, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Sounds like a fantastic company…and opportunity for travelers to have a creative, unique curated experience. WOW!


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