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Enchanting Egypt: Ancient Sights and Modern Marvels

written by Penny Sadler

What is it about the enchanting lands of Egypt that makes millions of visitors book flights to Egypt every year? Perhaps it’s the chance to become immersed in the exotic, ancient city of Cairo? Or to take a romantic camel ride into the Sinai Desert. It could be the chance to go diving in the aquamarine waters of the Red Sea, or to view the Pyramids of Giza at sunset.

Egypt offers basically two seasons, summer and winter. It’s desert climate, so nights are generally cool and days are hot in summer, cooler in the winter.  You can be sure it will be warm no matter where you are in the country or which season you chose for your visit. With something for everyone, just pick your dates and book your travel.

Enchanting Egypt

Enchanting Egypt. Photo by ISLAM KTOB. creative commons

Egypt’s vibrant city life

Alexandria and Luxor are two of Egypt’s most popular cities and each holds its own attractions. Both offer a wealth of historical monuments and temples including the Temple of Karnak and the Luxor Temple (Luxor) as well as the famous Kom el Shoqafa Catacombs in Alexandria.

Of course there is much more to these cities than the monuments. A cruise down the Nile, if visiting Luxor, and a visit to the stunning Montazah Palace Gardens in Alexandria, should both be on your itinerary.

Enchanting Egypt, Ancient Sites, Modern Marvels

Enchanting Egypt. Photo by Dan Taylor. creative commons

The most popular beach destination

The Red Sea resorts and beaches of Sharm el Sheikh attract over six million visitors per year. In face, 71% of tourists to Egypt come to this region. With some of the world’s best beaches, amazing nightlife options, and a wealth of activities, it’s not hard to see why this is a vacation hotspot.

Activities in this area can include wreck and reef diving, and the famous 120 meter Tower diving spot. Trips into the Sinai Desert by jeep or camel could include an overnight stay in a Bedouin tent, or an excursion to the summit of Mount Sinai to watch the sun rise.

Enchanting Egypt Ancient Sights Modern Marvels

Enchanting Egypt. Photo by David Stanley, creative commons

The bustling delights of Cairo

Cairo is the Egyptian capital and this amazing city is a blend of historic monuments and modern skyscrapers. There is a unique atmosphere to Cairo that can be felt as you wander through the ancient souks (markets) and haggle over hand-crafted goods and Egyptian carpets.

Excursions to famous monuments such as the Great Sphinx, which guards the Great Pyramid of Giza must be included on any trip to Cairo. The city also holds a wealth of modern hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs; the inexpensive prices in Cairo mean your money will go a lot further.

Enchanting Egypt: Ancient Sights Modern Marvels

Enchanting Egypt. Photo by Vavva _92, creative commons

Adventure in the desert

If you’re a thrill seeker looking to experience a holiday with a difference you can choose Egypt’s Western Desert area. This immense region stretching all the way to Libya and Sudan, is where some of Egypt’s most amazing sights can be viewed.

Travel operators can arrange trips through this region and it’s here where you can view the ancient fossils at the Valley of the Whales, the many abandoned desert villages, and take trips through the Valley of the Kings. This is definitely a vacation option for those who fancy living the Indiana Jones lifestyle for a week or two.

Egypt is a vast country but you can easily see many of its highlights within a few weeks, especially if you are based in Cairo or Sharm el Sheikh. Excursions and guided day trips are an inexpensive and easy way to view your desired points of interest in this intriguing destination.

Images by ISLAM KOTB, Dan Taylor, David Stanley and vavva_92 used under creative commons license.

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