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6 Things To Do In Mauritius

by Penny Sadler

Mauritius is a small island off the coast of Africa that has an interesting history. It was unknown and uninhabited until the 14th century. Today it is multi-cultural and multi-lingual. An interesting bit of trivia, prior to the arrival of sailors in the 1500s, this spot was home to the legendary dodo bird. Although that particular animal is now extinct, there are a number of native creatures to be found here that cannot be found anywhere else in the word.


Families with kids as well as those seeking a luxury honeymoon in Mauritius will no doubt enjoy the bilingual atmosphere and lovely beaches that can be found on this island.
Clear warm waters and white sandy beaches make tropical dreams come true on Mauritius.

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Mauritius photo by Simisa, wikicreativecommons

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Seven Colored Earth. This interesting geological formation is one of the top tourist attractions on Mauritius. The multicolored sand at found this location will separate itself into different colored layers when combined. Although the dunes are enclosed to prohibit direct access, they are still quite scenic. Those coming here should note that there is a small admissions fee for guests, but bathroom facilities and other amenities are provided. Visiting the site will not take long, so travelers should make plans to stop by the nearby waterfalls or the coffee plantation as well.

Seven Colored Earth Mauritius

Photo by Moongateclimber, wikimediacommons

2. Les 7 Cascades. This area is good for hiking and then a cooling swim in the waterfall pools. While the trails can be hiked alone, hiring a guide is recommended as there have been reports of those who are unfamiliar with the site getting lost. Travelers to the area recommend Jay Tannoo’s Tours very highly. His expert knowledge of the area and the delicious snacks his wife makes for participants help these excursions stand out above the rest.

3. Centre Equestre De Riambel. The sunset beach rides offered at this location are perfect for couples seeking romance, but equestrians of all ages and skill levels are welcome to sign up. The horses found here are former racetrack steeds that now have a new lease on life. They are nonetheless gentle and friendly enough for even the most skittish of riders. The attentive staff also helps ensure that participants have an unforgettable trip.

4. Ile Plate Beach. This beach’s crystal clear waters and abundant marine life make it a great spot for snorkeling. However, guest should be aware that the spot is a 1.5 hour catamaran ride from the main island and the ocean can be rough at times. Those coming out to the Ile Plate beach are also advised to bring their own supplies because there are none for purchase on the island.


Photo courtesy of Simisa, wikimediacreativecommons

5. Ile des Deux Cocos. This is yet another beautiful beach set on a tiny nearby island, but it is only about a 5 minute boat ride from the mainland. Though the whole islet can be circumnavigated in about 15 minutes, there are plenty of food and beverage options available so travelers should be sure to bring along some money to spend here. Snorkeling is a popular activity at this locale, as are sunbathing and swimming. The glass bottom boat tours are another fun option for guests. Though it can be crowed at times, this island can also be perfectly deserted, so it just depends on when one is visiting Mauritius.

Black river Gorges, Mauritius

Photo courtesy of Mauritiustrip, wikicreativecommons

6. Black River Gorges National Park. This area has many different hiking trails from which travelers can observe the local flora and fauna. It is also an excellent spot for bird watching, but those that prefer to drive can certainly take the scenic route through the nearby roadways. Entry to the park is free but travelers who are prone to getting lost should probably hire a guide. Hiking boots are additionally recommended for those who plan on doing a lot of walking, because the trails can be quite steep in places. Those who plan on spending the whole day at this location should consider bringing along something to eat and drink. However, bathroom facilities are definitely provided.

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