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The Roman Forum

by Penny Sadler

One of the most special places in Rome for me is the Forum. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s where civilization as we know it began.

Reading about the Forum in history books or guide books, in no way prepares you for the awe and beauty of being there.  Most people, whether they’ve been to Rome or not, have seen the Forum. It’s featured in thousands of travel photos, on blogs and travel websites. Any film about ancient Rome is going to show the Forum, at least as background.

I love the view from the Capitoline Hill.  It’s a very meditative place to me, in spite of the crowds. I feel a little like a magician when I have the opportunity to take someone there. It’s like taking the drape off the bird cage and there the bird is, but you’re sure that the cage was empty the last time you looked.

A friend who has lived in Rome for over thirty years told me that when she first arrived, you could walk through the Forum at any time, day or night. Sadly, that is definitely no longer a possibility, but never the less, gazing out over the Forum is one of my favorite pass times when in Rome.

If you only have one day in Rome (which I can’t imagine), add the Capitoline Hill and the Forum to your list.
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Have you been to the Forum? How do you feel there?

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