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This page is dedicated to bringing you those all important tips that are learned in only in the “School of Hard Knocks.” Hopefully I can help you avoid some of those and increase your chances of having a hassle free travel experience.

I mostly travel solo. When you’re on your own and can’t count on anyone to remember the things you’ve forgotten, liking watching your luggage while you go to the bathroom, you learn to be very efficient about most everything you do. It can be hard traveling solo sometimes, but for the most part, I love it!

Since I’m self employed, I don’t get paid time off therefore I’ve learned how to find cheap airfares, how to use advantage miles for almost free tickets, how to read the train schedules, how to pack it all into one carry-on bag, and a lot more.

I travel mainly around the USA and Italy so feel free to ask me destination specific questions. I’ve also traveled extensively around Mexico, a bit in Canada, the Virgin Islands, Spain, and a few other random destinations.

Have cruise questions? I’ve been on one a short weekend cruise and a luxury two week cruise through the Panama Canal. I’m not an expert on cruises, but I haven an opinion if you need someone to hash it out with.

If you have a question feel free to message me via my contact form.
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