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Postcard: Dream Time

written by Penny Sadler

There are many exhibits that will draw you in when you enter the Innovation Gallery at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History. What caught my eye was the 40 foot long sculpture composed of found objects and multi-colored lights, hanging from the ceiling.


It’s called Dream Time (for a reason)

I dare you to gaze upon this sculpture and not be inspired in some way. It may evoke old memories, or a desire to express an artistic side of yourself…whatever you feel, it won’t be apathy. Dream Time, by sculptor Warren Muller, is meant to encourage hands-on creativity.

Postcard Dream Time @PennySadler

Dream Time

Designed specifically for the Museum gallery, Dream Time weighs nearly half a ton. Tricycles, rusted metal lawn furniture, chandeliers, old toys, and a portrait of Elvis lit with fiber optics that slowly change color are just a few of the reclaimed pieces that compose Dream Time.

Dream Time Postcard Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History

Innovation Gallery

The Innovation Gallery and Studios are the heart of the museum. Dream Time expresses the essence of the studios. According to Museum President Van Romans, “Our goal is to bring learning through discovery to the forefront of the Museum.”
Scientific knowledge begins with an idea, a question, a “What if?” The Museum provides visitors room to dream and perhaps, to answer the question.

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Ryan Biddulph February 1, 2015 at 6:37 pm

Penny I see MAX inspiration in that first image! So much going on if you sit there to absorb it. Really a beautiful shot, and I see more than enough to maybe write another eBook on my NYC to Bali flight in a few hours 😉

Thanks for the inspiring share Penny, and hey, safe and happy travels to you!


Penny Sadler February 2, 2015 at 10:03 am

I agree plenty to read, see, imagine, share. Please send me your ebook. 🙂


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