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Travel tip – socks

Does taking off your shoes for the airport security check make you cringe? Do you wear old socks so you can just throw them away afterwards? Or do you wear new ones because you’d be embarrassed for anyone to see your old socks? On long flights do you like to take your shoes off?

Years ago, after walking around in my white socks in a hotel room, I decided that I would always wear socks or shoes in the room instead of going barefoot. This after I wore some expensive white athletic socks that I loved around a hotel room, then noticed how dirty they were. Yuck.

I recently discovered a site that sells disposable socks. Yep disposable socks. They come in a pack of 5 and you can wear them on the airplane, then throw them away. If this sounds like sock nirvana to you check out their website, They also sell disposable underwear.