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Travel and photography are soul mates – made for each other. Don’t believe me? Visit any major tourist attraction, city, or museum and you’ll see over fifty percent of the people there have a camera, even if it’s in the the form of an iPhone or iPad. That counts these days! The big issue with travel and photography is convenience, weight, and expense. Which is why so many people only use their phones these days. Nothing wrong with that. But, if you’re more serious about photography you’ll probably want a DSLR and you’ll want a good lens.


Travel Tip photography @PennySadler

Me with my Nikon at a corn maze.

One way I’ve found to deal with the expense factor is to rent lenses. If it’s a long term rental the most cost effective way is to rent from one of the online rental companies.

I recently rented a lens for three weeks and it cost me only $200.00 including the shipping. If I had purchased that same lens it would have cost $1,600.00.  Aside from saving money, renting a lens is also a great way to test out a lens that you are considering purchasing. After a trial run you’ll know if you want to make the investment or not.

There are many companies to chose from when renting lenses. Do some research and see who has what you want and if the terms match your needs. Most companies with work with you.

I’ve found renting lenses to be a great experience and generally use Borrow Lenses.com, but they are not the only rental company. If you live in a major metropolitan area, there’s a good chance your local camera shop will offer rentals. I’ve found doing it online less expensive though. You can also rent after you’ve arrived at your destination depending on where you are going. In the USA, rentals are common, not so much in Europe.

Give it a try if you haven’t already and let me know how it goes.

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