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Postcard from Montreal: Street Art


One of the things I love most about a place is its art. Whether it is in a museum or on the street, art can tell you a lot about where you are. Montreal is well-known for its street art, boasting gorgeous, building-size murals painted by both famous and lesser-known street artists.


Postcard from Montreal: Street Art


There is also plenty of public art and temporary outdoor art installations – so wander at will. You will not only find great art, but friendly people, incredible food, and So Much shopping.


Postcard from Montreal: Street Art


When we were driving around Montreal, I kept snapping photos of graffiti on buildings. If only I had had this google map, we could have seen even MORE great street art!



Tip: If you can, get out and walk. Many urban murals are located off main streets, along alleys and on smaller streets.

Postcard from Montreal: Street Art


Have you been to Montreal? What’s your favorite street art there?


Postcard from Montreal: Street Art



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All photos courtesy and copyright Wandering Educators except word photo creative commons, adapted by Wandering Educators



  1. I love Montreal. We live near this lovely European-like city, have Canadian relatives, and been there many times but I’ve not attended to the street art. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    • Lucky lucky lucky – I’d love to be closer to Canada.

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