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Postcard: Chinese Lanterns

You enter through a traditional Chinese red gate. Hanging overhead are hundreds of round, Chinese paper lanterns. Follow a trail through a peach tree orchard, and you see Pandas playing in a bamboo forest. As you continue down the path you feel as though you’ve entered another world. A world that is oceans away from Dallas, Texas.

The Chinese Lantern Festival is not at all what you expect. These lanterns are works of art, constructed of fabric and stretched over metal frames and lit from within. By day, they are colorful and playful characters from storybooks, and Chinese myths and legends. By night, they are spectacular sculptures lighting up the sky in a dramatic display of color and light.

These photographs were taken at The State Fair of Texas, October 2012.

An ancient Chinese tradition associated with many myths and legends, Chinese lantern festivals occur on the fifteenth day, of the first lunar month, of the new year. It is also called Yuan Xiao Festival after the filled rice balls that are a typical food, eaten at this time. There are games, dancing, and lantern puzzles to solve. In China, Chinese Lanterns Festival, celebrates harmony, family, and the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Lanterns @PennySadler 2012

Tianlu – mythological winged lion

chinese Lanterns at the State fair of Texas @PennySadler 2012

All materials copyright Penny Sadler 2012.

  1. Wow, I felt like I was back in China! Great pics and if you haven’t been in China during a lantern festival then I suggest you book a ticket the first chance you get! 😉

    • Hey that’s a great compliment. Thank you! Yes I can imagine it’s something to see! The show here in Dallas is extended until 31st December this year!

    • I think it would be a great event to do with kids. During the day they had Chinese crafts, music and dancing. Lots of kid friendly events. Of course the kids loved the lighted lanterns too.


  1. Bright colors at the Chinese Lanterns Festival Dallas - […] new lanterns plus an acrobatic show this year, and more vendors. I really enjoyed the festival last year and…

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