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Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 | 10 comments

Everyone Loves A Parade

Every August the city of Santa Barbara hosts Old Spanish Days, a week long cultural event. Also referred to as Fiesta, one of the highlights is a fantastic equestrian parade.

I really like this particular parade. It does everything a parade should do – it’s colorful, it unites the community, it’s cultural, and everyone smiles at you. Everyone loves a parade!

Everyone Loves a Parade #&64;PennySadler

Fiesta Parade

Fiesta Santa Barbara ©pennysadler

Read more about Santa Barbara and be sure to check out my other images from Fiesta in the weekly photo challenge posts, Wrong, Fleeting Moments, Growth and Movement.

Fiesta Santa Barbara ©pennysadler

Everyone loves a Parade @PennySadler

past president’s of Fiesta

Camarillo white ponies

Everyone Loves A Parade @PennySadler

detail of bridle

For information on Fiesta go to Old Spanish Days.
Fiesta 2103 is July 31 – August 4.
I know you want to go now.

All materials ©pennysadler 2012

  1. We tried capturing a similar kind of parade in Kyoto last year but taking pictures with our little point and shoot was almost impossible, you really need a good camera, a great lens and an even better eye for a picture – and it seems like you’ve got all three 🙂

    • Hi Dale, parades are a lot of fun, but difficult! You definitely need a fast camera and faster lens.

  2. Fantastic photos! My kids would love this.

    • There’s also a children’s parade the day after this one. I highly recommend this for families. There are lots of other kid things to do. And of course, the beaches!

  3. Beautiful photos. You did a great job of capturing the fun atmosphere of the parade and the elegance of the horses.

  4. I love Santa Barbara. We used to have tons of horse shows in Costa Rica, but nothing like this.

    Excellent shots, really brings you there!

    • Thanks Martina. I know nothing about horses, but this parade draws me back year after year.

  5. Great colors and costumes – I could swear that I heard the music and excitement from here 😉

  6. Yes, I agree, the 70-200 is a great lens. Your pictures shine. I especially love the white horse with rider in red, partly because of the rim lighting and shallow dof. Plus, I’ve always had a thing for horses. In our local parades here in Hawaii, I gravitate to the pa’u (horse) riders—the queens and princesses who wear the satin pa’u robes, each one the official color of their island (Oahu: gold, etc.).

    • I’ve never seen those horses, I’ll have to have a look. Thank you! I appreciate the comments.


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